Historic Publishing Event: The Flight of the Silver Vixen

The Flight of the Silver Vixen marks the first book actually published by the Sun Daughter Press (as opposed to the books we have “inherited” from earlier intemorphic publishing ventures). But more importantly, it represents the first intemorphic novel published for a decade and a half, and the first intemorphic science fiction novel ever published.

While there have been books about all-women societies for more than a century, these have always been books about women in some way separated from/reproducing without men. This is science fiction about a feminine species that has never had any relation to or dealings with masculine beings.

We are reporting here, not selling, but we can’t resist mentioning that The Flight of the Silver Vixen is a roller-coaster ride of death-defying escapes, battles and acts of courage that border on – and sometimes are – sheer recklessness.

At the same time, it is a philosophical novel that portrays the traditional mind of intemorphic people – even wildly rebellious ones like the crew of the Silver Vixen or those who have lost their way like the people of the nation of Astarche.

The Flight of the Silver Vixen is currently available only on Amazon Kindle at a mere $2.99, and you can find it here.

The Flight of the Silver Vixen

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