Kindling the Vixen : Sun Daughter Prepares for Lift-Off

Welcome to the Sun Daughter Press Blog.

We are planning to launch the Press officially with the publication of The Flight of the Silver Vixen by Annalinde Matichei.

While we are the successor to various small intemorphic and quasi-intemorphic presses that have existed over the past few decades, we are bringing some new ideas to the field.

To begin with, our first new book launch is going to be on Amazon Kindle. We certainly intend to have a physical edition of The Flight of the Silver Vixen, but we are launching it first onto Kindle.

We, have, as you can see, several physical editions of existing intemorphic-and-related books and we do intend to continue with physical editions, but we propose to make e-books the mainstay of our publishing enterprise.

Interestingly, shortly after we had made this decision Amazon reported that sales of e-books had overtaken paperback sales. While this reinforced our decision it was not the reason for it.

Our main reason for concentrating on e-book publication is that it is a field that is much more open and less dominated by traditional publishing companies than print books. We believe we can carve a niche for intemorphic fiction more easily in this new market, with its significantly lower overheads, which make the “leap” of trying the intemorphic waters much easier for the newcomer.

We also believe that, with our newer authors exploring speculative and virtual realities (you’ll be hearing much more about this in the near future) we are interested in the idea of being one of the first publishers to make virtual books our main focus rather than a sideline.

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