Sun Daughter Press and the Future of Independent Publishing

One of our girls posted this in an Amazon forum, and we felt it makes some important points worth sharing with y’all:

Great writers from Addison and Blake to G.K. Chesterton have published their own work. For a relatively short period in the 20th century, this became all but impossible. Now it is becoming possible again.

One of the really wonderful things about this is that it can allow niche genres that could never make their way in traditional bookstores, to flourish as never before – not just because of independent publishing but because of a newly globalized market.

The Sun Daughter Press specializes in intemorphic fiction – that is, stories about all-feminine peoples. Believe it or not, there have been a several over last few decades. That is probably a niche so small that it could never make its way in traditional publishing but we are finding an increasing market in very-small-but-global publishing, both physical and electronic.

Our first electronic book is a science fiction story, The Flight of the Silver Vixen, and we are very aware of the problem of independent books (and, increasingly mass-market books too) being poorly edited. We spent endless girl-hours proofreading and formatting “Vixen” to create a highly polished Kindle experience. We really are committed to high quality.

Of course that means nothing without a well-written and exciting story. We believe “Vixen” is all that. Several readers have told us it should be made into a movie. It is a roller coaster ride of swashbuckling action while at the same time being a challenging philosophical read. In fact we believe The Flight of the Silver Vixen has the potential to expand far beyond of the confines of intemorphic literature fans.

But enough hype! Why not try the free chapters and see what you think?

If I may put in a little plug for our kind of venture, while we really are excited about indie authors, and feel a great tradition has been re-opened, there is also an argument for saying that ventures like the Sun Daughter Press are the best of both worlds – tiny publishers that are essentially groups of like-minded friends. We are small enough to be very decidedly “indie” but being a little more than a lone author, we can give more attention to quality control, working hard not only to bring out ground-breaking new work in our niche, but also to ensure it is well-presented and error-free, and that areas like formatting and graphic design (often not an author’s long suit) are as good as the work itself.

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