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An alien newspaper reporting the events of The Flight of the Silver Vixen has been added to the Sun Daughter site.

Click the thumbnail to read the Astarcheana Times Sentinel, which gives the Astarchean view on several of the major elements of the book, including:

• The rumor that a Princess of the true Blood Imperial has come to Astarche

•The now-certain existence of fur-faced creatures called mascûli.

•The burning of Shintoni Forest by pirate incendiary rockets

•The spread of the aggression-inducing drug ophrasti

•The anniversary of the murder of Queen Ephranaria, her elder daughters and most of her court by an alien strike force.

Even if you have read The Flight of the Silver Vixen, you won’t want to miss this fascinating insight into how the people of Ranyam Astarche perceive these events.

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