Sexism Aboard the Silver Vixen?

From My Mailbox:

Now that The Flight of the Silver Vixen is starting to sell in reasonable numbers, I am starting to get emails from readers who are raising some valuable points that I thought we might all share.

Alastre writes “All the strong characters in Vixen are brunettes, apart from the Princess. Even Queen Ashhevala is dominated by her brunette Vizier. The blondes on the Silver Vixen seem to be just along for the ride. Is this a sexist society?”

That is a good question. Bear in mind that most of the main characters in The Flight of the Silver Vixen are either hoverbikers or military personnel: both areas that tend to be rather brunette dominated.

I have a new book in the pipeline that is rather different and has a much stronger blonde cast. The main action team in the new book consists of two blondes and one brunette. And look out for a daring blonde journalist who thinks nothing of putting her life on the line for a story.

So yes, I agree The Flight of the Silver Vixen is a little brunette-heavy, but that is just how that particular book worked out.

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