Anime Novel Launched by Anime Authoress at International Book Fair

Goldenhead launched Saturday Oct 15th at the Baja Book Festival.

One of the novel features of this book is that several of the characters find themselves incarnated in anime bodies. The authoress, Annalinde Matichei, believes that anime is more than an art-style, and actually expresses a mode of being in some “alternate universes”.

It is difficult to argue with her on this point, since she herself strongly resembles an anime character rather than a standard human being.

Goldenhead examines the concept of “imaginary” friends and “imaginary” worlds and takes us into a universe where both may be realler than the “real” world.

An imaginary universe? Miss Matichei doesn’t think so. “A lot of people on your earth today belong to very different realities,” she says. “I think a lot of people will recognize their own situation in Goldenhead.”

Goldenhead is currently available only in its Kindle Edition at $2.99. The paperback will follow, but it seems appropriate that a book so rooted in virtual realities should launch as a virtual book.




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