The Gospel of Our Mother God

Every religion has its Sacred Books, its “Bible”.

Every religion except the oldest known to humanity: the worship of the Supreme Mother

The Gospel of Our Mother God is the answer to this long-standing anomaly. It was designed to be the “family Bible” of those who worship the Mother as Supreme Deity and sole Creatrix of the Universe.

It consists of texts from Greek, Chinese and Sanskrit as well as others of more recent inspiration, but all have one thing in common. Each one presents the Mother as supreme and absolute Deity .

The texts contain no male figures whatever and are wholly suitable for intemorphic worship. This is not a “New Age” Gospel, but one that rings with the strength and deep resonance of traditional religion. It is for those who believe that the Faith of the Mother is no less reverent, serious and dignified than that of Islam or Christianity: indeed, far more so.