The Goldenhead Saga

GoldenheadThe Goldenhead Saga, as it is currently tentatively called, has two published works at present:  Goldenhead itself and its very different somewhat-prequel The Flight of the Silver Vixen.

is projected to be a massive story featuring many different places characters and the cosmic-scale overarching events in which they all play some part. We can speak already of a “Goldenhead Universe”.

Unlike most fictional universes the “Goldenhead ‘verse” contains some core elements actually believed and lived by people on Earth – centering on the world of Sai Herthe – but also spans physical places that are (as far as we know) purely fictional, such as Astarche, the Cathrias, and the Esterline Empire,  doubtfully-physical places such as the Hinderlands, and virtual places such as HMSS Imperial Princess.

Here we present an array of portals into different parts of that universe, from both published works and works-in-progress from the Crucible.

From Goldenhead itself:

Brunettes Can do Anything
The Serpent in the City
Rescuing Sarai

Goldenhead Saga

The Flowers of Death and the Love of Life