The Feminine Universe

by Alice Lucy Trent

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The Sun Daughter Press takes great pride in being the publisher of the new edition of the legendary Feminine Universe.

The Feminine Universe is the book that systematically expounds the philosophy of Feminine Essentialism, which is not just another “ism”, but is the view of the cosmos and of maidenkind that ruled the world for millennia before patriarchy.

This astounding book questions everything the modern world takes for granted and explains the other way of thinking – the only other one there is – with inexorable logic and poetic elegance.

This is not the work of a single author, although Miss Trent was chosen to write it. As far as it deals with relatively recent matters, it is the exposition of a philosophical position developed over decades. Insofar as it deals with the great questions of life and the universe, it is simply the timeless and fundamental wisdom of humanity.

While not in itself an intemorphic book (it is a book of philosophy delivered in a Tellurian context), it is the book – or rather it expounds the philosophical outlook – that makes any and all intemorphism possible. It is the definitive answer to patriarchal materialism.

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As you will see, this is unlike anything you have read before, and while “philosophy” as taught by the patriarchal academic establishment has a reputation for being convoluted and difficult, this book simply tells truths in the most lucid manner possible, for complication is a thing of the surface, while the true depths of being, if seen correctly, are self-evident.

Be warned, The Feminine Universe is a book that really does change lives. Read it with careful attention (you will probably want to read it several times) and the world will never seem the same again.

This is the first new edition since the book was published in 1997, and the first American edition. It has been revised, and contains new material relating to changes that have taken place since its first publication.

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